To: Whoever (or group) holds the copyright to GFA-Basic

Please find it in your heart to release the source code to the Atari ST version to me or RUN! Software. We are passionate about GFA-Basic and have spent countless hours enhancing it and fixing bugs. It's true the Atari ST market is for the most part gone, but the machines live on. GFA-Basic is still used for rapid program development. It still has many fans around the world.

I am still willing to pay (fair market value) for just the source code to the Atari ST version of GFA-Basic.

There is virtually no Atari ST market to speak of, it has no big money value anymore. The Atari ST version tokenizes it's listings, the Windows version (GB32) does not. They don't even use the same processors. The only similarity is they have some key words in common, as does most versions of basic on any platform.

So again I beg you, please allow the source code to the Atari ST version to be released as it cannot be used to reverse engineer the Windows version (GB32).

What exactly is the status of GFA-Basic?

Basically all versions of GFA-Basic have become abandonware.

The company that sold GFA-Basic GFA Systemtechnik GmbH went bankrupt in 2002. In 2005 the GFA mailing-list was shut down as well. The Atari ST version was discontinued long before that, I think in late 1991.

What's the status of GFA-Basic as of this moment?

Well I can't speak for RUN! Software, but my position is this. I will continue to support GFA-Basic and fix bugs only on the Atari ST version. I will do so until the copyright holder stops me. It is up to them to enforce their copyright. I paid a lot of money over the years for numerous updates and GFA add-ons, GFA related books, and so forth. A lot of users have been left high and dry like myself with no support whatsoever. I am quite aware that I have no legal right to modify and/or redistribute parts of the GFA-Basic, but hey... I love GFA-Basic. ;o)