Here's an article I wrote about GFA-Basic for myatari magazine which never got published. It was originally titled 'GFA-Basic in 2005' and submitted around September 24, 2005 and written at their request I might add. Well here it is slightly altered and updated so that it does not go to waste.

I ran across this program called Mnilu Tranquil which claims to be a compiler for GFA-Basic. Well, it is not! It's really just a clever hack of the GFA-Basic runtime package and it does not compile your code into 68xxx asm code at all. What it does do is append your source code to the runtime module. If you do not believe me, simply send me a program that you have compiled with this fake compiler and I will extract your source code from it. I can extract the source completely intact just like the day you thought you compiled it. It's worth noting that the real GFA-Basic compiler will speed up your programs dramatically. Also, GFA stopped development of the runtime module with v3.5, so if your program uses any v3.6 specific features this fake compiler won't even work.

The saga continues...

I wrote GFA Systemtechnik GmbH and asked them some questions. I wanted to know if it was possible to get the source code to the GFA-Basic editor itself. The Editor really needs fixed to run properly on the newer multi-tasking operating systems used today. I also asked if GFA-Basic could be put into the public domain since it's not directly supported. Here is the reply (#1) I got back from GFA Systemtechnik GmbH. :-(

Here are some replies I received after I made an offer to purchase the full rights to GFA-Basic for the Atari ST, reply (#2), reply (#3), and reply (#4), of course no reply from management ever arrived. As you can see the support guy who has no real say in such matters would rather argue with me! I don't think he bothered to inform his management at all...

Here's yet another attempt, however this time I tried the webmaster. Here is his reply (#5) which also went unanswered as well. Why can't I get a simple Yes or No?!