GFA-Basic Editor
A GEM Editor for the Atari ST

This archive contains everything you need: (68K/V4E)
GFA-Basic Editor v3.72
Compiler/Linker/Library/Interpreter v3.72
GFA-Basic Compendium v2.96
What's new

My public Google drive (Updates might appear here temporarily for test purposes.)
Download zip archive: Right click folder '37b_68k' -> Download
You'll get something like:
Rename the file before moving it to your system or the desktop might not be able to see it.

Note: To update individual components, download, unpack, and copy them from the GBE archive.

Support via social media: GFABASIC facebook group
Contact developer via social media: Lonny Pursell (facebook)
Support via Discord: GFABASIC on Discord (contact me for an invite)

Older versions:
GBE v1.71 (68K/V4E)
GBE v3.70 (68K/V4E)
GBE v3.71 (68K/V4E)

  | Save |Save,A| Quit | New  |BlkSta|Replac| Pg U |Txt 16|Direct| Run |08:16:32
  | Load |Merge |Llist |Block |BlkEnd| Find | Pg D |Insert| Flip | Test|       0
' Standard features:
'   100% compatible with the original GFA v3 file format
'   Toolbar for quick access to the most commonly used options
'   Procedure and Function folding (at any line of the routine)
'   Instant syntax checking upon Return
'   Auto source code indentation
'   Supports all command abbreviations
'   Supports all Deflist modes
'   Supports all DEFxxx commands
'   Supports editor marks (via keyboard or popup)
'   Supports the New Names option (for catching typing errors in symbols)
'   Full Inline support (optional auto Inline resizing)
'   Full block handling
'   Find/Replace (with history, remembers the last 10 items)
'   Structure checking (Test option from toolbar)
'   Automatic source code backups (*.bak)
'   Supports original .dot commands for printing
' Extra features:
'   Full FireBee (FireTOS/CF68KLib) support, the interpreter and compiler
'   Can build 68K & V4E binaries regardless of the host machine
'   Runs in a user sizable window on the GEM Desktop (tasking friendly)
'   Built in Make option (Compile/Link)
'   Archive option for making multiple backups
'   Long file name support (MiNT)
'   Supports up to 8 Compiler/Linker/Library sets
'   Works with alternate libraries: RUN!Lib, GFA-Patch, or LicomLIB
'   Option to rebuild the Library Index
'   Option to convert a marked block to ' Comments
'   Drag & drop loading of *.gfa, *.bak, and *.inl files (av protocol)
'   User selectable bit-mapped font and point size (font protocol)
'   User selectable color scheme (color protocol)
'   Standard clipboard cut/paste
'   Compiler $command test option
'   External interpreter module (runs as a separate process)
'   Retains all project settings (right in the source code itself)
'   Compatible with ergo!pro (special support added)
'   Corner clock format can be toggled (12/24 hour)
'   Supports import modules (such as GFA v2 files, and more...)
'   User can adjust how much ram the editor requires
'   Supports up to 65535 lines of code
'   Quick jump to references (Procedures only)
'   Quick jump to any Procedure, Function, or Label via a popup
'   Optional snapshot mode where all settings are saved and reloaded
'   Mass fold/unfold via the toolbar
'   Context sensitive Help via ST-Guide (av protocol)
'   Optional extended Test option (finds commands that cannot be compiled)
'   Option to purge header residue from token files
'   Pre-processor with compile & run time decision making via meta commands
'   This program is FreeWare (donations are accepted)
' Requirements:
'   TT030, Falcon030, Atari clone, or fast emulator such as ARAnyM
'   Resolution of 640x480 or better
'   Multitasking Operating System such as MiNT (v1.15.x and up)
'   AV Server such as the one built into Thing Desktop
'   AES v4.1
'   GEMDOS v0.19 or better
'   TOS v3.00 or better
' Recommended:
'   68020 or better
'   Thing Desktop 1.27b or better
'   N.AES v2
'   NVDI v5
'   ST-Guide