The BEST Basic for the Atari ST

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' Docs:
'   GFABasic.HYP
'   GBE_Lib.HYP
'   The documentation for TOS
' Social Media:
'   GFABASIC facebook group  !closed group (~300 members)
' Forums:
'   GFABASIC Forum De Programmation (French)
' Mailing-List:
'   GFA-Basic Mailing List  !all platforms
' Links:
'   Atari Document Archive (search for: gfa)
'   GFA-Basic_Tutorial  !Created by Matthias Arndt (not working)
'   GFA-Basic_Tutorial  !Created by Matthias Arndt (alternate link)
'   GokMasE's Site
'   Carnet d'existence | de Rajah Lone !lots of GFA source code
'   ST Applications series on GFA BASIC !AtarianComputing
' GFA specific:
'   [PDF]      GFA BASIC Version 3 Interpreter User Manual [Chapter 13 covers v3.5] (GFA Systemtechnik GmbH)
'   [PDF]      GFA BASIC 3.5 Compiler User Manual (GFA Systemtechnik GmbH)
'   [PDF]      Concepts in Programming (MichTron)
'   [PDF]      GFA-Basic Quick Program Reference Guide for the Atari ST (Abacus)
'   [PDF/DISK] GFA-Basic Book (MichTron) aka GFA BASIC: Advanced Programming (Glentop)
'   [PDF/DISK] GFA-Basic Training Reboot Camp (MichTron)
'   [PDF/DISK] GFA-Basic Programmer's Reference Guide  Volume 1 (MichTron)
'   [DISK]     Programming with GFA-Basic 3.0 (MichTron) aka Software Development with GFA BASIC 3 (GFA Data media UK)
'   [DISK]     GFA-Basic Toolkit  Volume 1 (Taylor Ridge Books)
'   [DISK]     The GFA-Basic & Assembler User Book (GFA Data Media UK) aka Das GFA-Anwenderbuch (GFA Systemtechnik GmbH)
'              Program in GFA-Basic! (Glentop)
'              GFA BASIC Reference Card (MichTron)
' Atari in general:
'   [PDF/ISO]  Atari Compendium (SDS)
'              Modern Atari System Software  A programmer's Guide (HiSoft)
'   [PDF]      The ST Assembly Language Workshop (Taylor Ridge Books)
'              Clayton Walnums's C-manship Complete (Taylor Ridge Books)
'              The TRB Reference Series: AES Quick Reference (Taylor Ridge Books)
'              The TRB Reference Series: VDI Quick Reference (Taylor Ridge Books)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST Internals [3rd Edition] (Abacus #2)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST GEM Programmer's Reference (Abacus #3)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST Machine Language (Abacus #4)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST Tips & Tricks (Abacus #5)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST Graphics & Sound (Abacus #6)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST Peeks & Pokes (Abacus #8)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST BASIC Training Guide (Abacus #9)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST Introduction to MIDI Programming (Abacus #10)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST-BASIC to C (Abacus #11)
'   [PDF]      Atari ST 3D Graphics (Abacus #12)
'   [PDF]      ST Disk Drives: Inside and Out (Abacus #13)
'   [PDF]      COMPUTE!'s Technical Reference Guide  Atari ST: VDI  Volume 1 [PDF]
'   [PDF]      COMPUTE!'s Technical Reference Guide  Atari ST: AES  Volume 2 [PDF]
'   [PDF]      COMPUTE!'s Technical Reference Guide  Atari ST: TOS  Volume 3 [PDF]
'   [PDF]      COMPUTE!'s ST Programmer's Guide [PDF]
'   [PDF]      COMPUTE!'s Atari ST Machine Language Programming Guide [PDF]
'   [PDF]      COMPUTE!'s ST Applications Guide: Programming in C
'   [PDF]      COMPUTE!'s Learning C - Programming Graphics on the Amiga and Atari ST [PDF]
'   [PDF]      Introducing ATARI ST machine code (zzSoft) [PDF]
'   [PDF]      The Concise Atari ST 68000 Programmer's Reference Guide (Glentop) [PDF]
'   [PDF]      MIDI and Sound Book for the Atari ST (M&T Books)
'   [PDF]      Atari Profibuch ST-STE-TT
'   [PDF]      Programmer's Guide to GEM (Sybex)
'   [PDF]      Understanding Atari ST BASIC Programming (Sybex)
'              ATARI ST Programmer's Guide (Weber Systems)
'              The Atari ST Explored (Kuma)
'              ST BASIC Quick Reference Guide (Atari)
'              ST BASIC Sourcebook and Tutorial (Atari)
'              Atari LOGO Sourcebook (Atari)
'              HiSoft BASIC Reference Manual (MichTron)
'   Atari Developer's Kit (Atari)
'   Atari Falcon030 Developer Support Package (Atari)
' French reading material:
'   Graphisme en C, GFA & ASM (Micro Application)
'   Developper en GFA Basic (Micro Application)
'   Trucs et astuces en GFA Basic (Micro Application)
'   Programmation en GFA Basic 3.0 (Micro Application)
'   Le livre du developpeur Tome 1 (Micro Application)
'   Le livre du developpeur Tome 2 (AES & VDI) (Micro Application)
' Other GFA related products:
'   GFA-Basic System 2 (v2.02 all in one Interpreter/Compiler manual)
'   GFA Assembler (GFA Data Media UK) [PDF]
'   GFA G-Shell - Shell Environment for GFA-Basic 3 Compiler (GFA Data Media UK)
'   GFA GEM Utility Package - GEM framework for GFA-Basic 3 (GFA Data Media UK)
'   GFA Vector - 3-Dimensional Graphics Program (MichTron) [PDF]
'   GFA Companion - Dedicated RCS Package (MichTron) [PDF]
'   GFA Raytrace - 3-Dimensional Raytrace Animation (GFA Data Media UK)
'   GFA Object - 3-Dimensional Drawing Program (MichTron)
'   GFA Artist - Pixel Painting Program (MichTron)
'   Mission Control - Productivity Shell Environment (GFA Data Media UK)
'   M.A.G.E. - Majic Arcade Graphics Engine (MajicSoft)
'   Buttunzbasic - (MajicSoft)
' Atari 8-bit reading material:
'   COMPUTE!'s Inside Atari DOS
'   COMPUTE!'s The Atari BASIC Source Book
'   COMPUTE!'s Mapping the Atari [Revised Edition]
'   Atari BASIC Reference Guide (Atari)
'   Atari BASIC Reference Manual (Atari)
'   MAC/65 Reference Manual (OSS)
'   Basic XL Reference Manual (OSS)
'   Basic XE Reference Manual (OSS)
'   ACTION! Reference Manual (OSS)
'   ACTION! Toolkit (OSS)
'   Atari Microsoft BASIC II Reference Guide (Atari)
'   Atari Microsoft BASIC II Reference Manual (Atari)
'   Atari Basic: A Self-Teaching Guide
' Misc stuff:
'   Microsoft BASIC-80 Reference Guide (CP/M Version)
'   Microsoft GW-BASIC User's Guide/User's Reference
'   First Steps in Assembly Language for the 68000 (Bantam)
'   Programming the 68000 (Sybex)
'   Zap: The Rise and Fall of Atari