Frank Ostrowski, the author of GFABASIC

On May 25, 2017 I found out Frank was no longer with us. According to a website devoted to Turbo BASIC XL, Frank passed away sometime in 2011 due to a serious disease. His work spanned 4 platforms that I'm aware of, yet he left without anyone noticing. I had hoped that one day I might speak with him about GFABASIC or eventually he would release the source code. I always wondered if Frank had ever seen my updates to GFABASIC and if so what he though. Well Frank, your work morphed into my favorite hobby and for that I will always be eternally grateful. My search for you is over, may you rest in peace.

When this photo was taken Frank was approximately 29 years old. In 1991, just one year later Atari ST support ended and version 3.7 never saw the light of day. By 2002 GFA was bankrupt. What Frank did from then til his passing I do not know.

I was also quite fond of Turbo BASIC XL (Frank's earlier work). Eventually I ended up with GFABASIC which was also created by Frank. For me this was a win win, and that's how my hobby started.

When GFA dropped all Atari ST support I wanted to do something about it. Around 2005 that became a reality with the release of my own GFABASIC editor. This was followed by updated libraries and even Coldfire support. I cannot take full credit as several people helped along the way. They would be Lourens Blok, Peter Backes, Ingo Lafrenz, Holger Herzog, and Damir Vuk.

I managed to locate Frank back in 2001, and I wrote a quick e-mail and got this reply. Unfortunately, no further replies ever came back. Frank probably had his reasons.

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Color photo: ST World Magazine - Jan 1990 - Issue 47 (from an article titled "AT HOME WITH GFA")
B&W photos: Atari 1ST Magazine - July 1987 - Number 1 (from an article titled "Meeting with the creator of GFA Basic") [#1] [#2] [#3]
Franks's work:
  Turbo BASIC XL for Atari 8-bit
  GFABASIC for Atari ST
  GFABASIC for amiga
  GFABASIC for Windows