I was toying around with the idea of fixing the amiga version of GFABASIC. Why you ask? Well, it's written for the same CPU family and it's a direct port, bugs and all. In fact some modules in the library are identical to the Atari ST version.

I started investigating if the idea was actually feasible. Adapting the editor, compiler, and linker sources to some amiga assembler package would be rather trivial. Devpac for the amiga is available and I already use Devpac on the Atari ST. The main problem would be rebuilding the library. What format is the library? I tried posting on some amiga forum with less than stellar response and got no real answers. After a lot of poking around with google, I found this in a review of GFABASIC for the amiga:

The compiler only reads tokenised files, and produces a standard Metacomco object file ready for linkage. The GFA linker "gl" is very minimal, and reads the GFA library and library index in a proprietary file format. External functions can be linked into GFA programs, and the compiler manual details how to do this. The GFA library is also supplied in Metacomco format if you wish to use a different linker.

There's the answer to my question! :o/

Apparently the amiga file system is so utterly slow Frank decided he could improve the compile/link times with a proprietary library format. lol Lucky for us he didn't cripple the Atari ST version of GFABASIC.

Oh well. That was a short lived idea. Perhaps its for the best, it would only be a distraction for my real passion... Atari ST and GFABASIC. :o)

Based on the response I got at the amiga forum it would probably be a waste of time anyway. I really doubt many would use it even if it was fixed. The amiga scene has moved on to other languages and wrote GFABASIC off as to buggy to use a long time ago. Reputations are a hard thing to fix. It was pretty buggy and didn't run correctly on 040 and up processors. The amiga was stuck with GFABASIC version 3.5, when GFA finally closed up shop. GFABASIC version 3.6 was never released for the amiga.

It's now possible to boot EmuTOS and MiNT on your amiga. Finally a proper OS for amiga and the ability to code with GBE. Problem solved! :oD
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